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How to enable Pre-Count for Recording in Cubase if you are looking to have a count in before the recording starts.

On the menu bar, Click on Transport, then click on Pre-Roll & Post Roll then select use post roll. Another option is to right click on the bottom bar as seen below and make sure that Pre-roll & Post-roll is enabled.

Next, once Pre-roll is enabled, you will initially see the following. As it is right now, there will be no count in clicks. You will need to specify the number of bars.

If you take notice of the differences between the above and below picture, you will see that the bottom has 4 numbers and the top is only displaying 2. You will need to click in on the location for the first number and put in your desired bars, and click enter. As seen below, this will be a one bar count in.

For Metronome Setup click on Transport, then Metronome Setup. Next, you may or may not want the clicks to continue with your recording. Under click options, you can change these as you see fit.

I mainly wrote this as a reference for myself. Just to note, creating an empty project each time, you will need to set the Pre-roll again and update your Metronome click options if you deselected anything.